Sensor-Based Control Unit

ROBOCAM S control unit has a variety of functions to control the tilt & rotate functions of the camera and it also comes with an automatic centering system and  that allows the robot to adjust the height of the camera to the center of the pipeline remotely when  the crawler is inside the pipe with its infrared ray sensor.
With Home button click, the camera to will automatically position itself to the origin center by one-touch operation and measure the actual SIZE of a pipeline regardless of sludge and other obstacles.


Easy Dual Control

This advanced controller comes with 2 Joysticks, one of which is designed to perform the Pan & Tilt control of the camera head, the focus control of the camera, while the other have driving control system into any directions and also controls the Cruising control functions. This ergonomically designed joystick can detect and control the acceleration of the robot by simply applying a forward pressure on the directional joystick .
The large monitor displays the status of the crawler at all times, in order to monitor the crawlers tilt to more than the designated tilt value. this system comes with sensors for temperature, humidity and pressure in real-time in order to monitor any water ingress.

Full HD Digital Recording

The picture quality of this product is Full HD class, that the size of the file is much larger than the size of analog SD picture quality. The controller is equipped with a high-end PC that has intel i5 7th generation processor, 32GB DDR memory chip and SATA SSD-128GB storage device, and the data doesn’t get lost even in impact.