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The Steel test plugs for use in various sizes of pipes to test both water and air pressure. All of the pressure plates are made from high quality steel pressings, while the bottom pressure plate is welded to the waterway to give an impenetrable, air tight seal around the interior of the pipe. All rubber seals used in these products are manufactured from commercial grade rubber and chemical resistant rubber can be supplied upon request. Thrust washers are fitted as standard on all test plugs and all steel components are galvanised for protection from rust and other corrosion. For larger sizes we supply a huge range of aluminum plugs up to 36″

It is the responsibility of the installer / operator to make sure the maximum allowed back pressure are not exceeded.

Pipe Size Internal
Nominal Diameter
Will Fit Pipes With
Internal Diameter
into Pipe
of waterway
back pressure
Metric Imperial Minimum Maximum
40mm 1 1/2″ 37mm 50mm 62mm 140mm 1/2″ 30p.s.i 0.25kg
50mm 2″ 50mm 61mm 66mm 140mm 1/2″ 30p.s.i 0.28kg
65mm 2 1/2″ 61mm 75mm 67mm 140mm 1/2″ 30p.s.i 0.46kg
75mm 3″ 73mm 85mm 68mm 140mm 1/2″ 20p.s.i 0.49kg
89mm 3 1/2″ 84mm 100mm 82mm 140mm 1/2″ 15p.s.i 0.68kg
100mm 4″ 94mm 108mm 76mm 140mm 1/2″ 10p.s.i 0.70kg
114mm 4 1/2″ 110mm 125mm 80mm 140mm 1/2″ 10p.s.i 1.10kg
125mm 5″ 124mm 139mm 74mm 140mm 1/2″ 10p.s.i 1.25kg
150mm 6″ 145mm 160mm 80mm 140mm 1/2″ 10p.s.i 1.50kg
175mm 7″ 175mm 200mm 92mm 210mm 1″ 7p.s.i 2.65kg
200mm 8″ 195mm 215mm 92mm 210mm 1″ 7p.s.i 2.70kg
225mm 9″ 210mm 230mm 92mm 210mm 1″ 7p.s.i 3.45kg
250mm 10″ 245mm 260mm 110mm 210mm 1″ 7p.s.i 4.90kg
300mm 12″ 296mm 320mm 170mm 210mm 1″ 7p.s.i 6.75kg
350mm 14″ 348mm 385mm 170mm 310mm 1″ 5p.s.i 11.40kg
375mm 15″ 370mm 415mm 200mm 310mm 1″ 5p.s.i 12.20kg
400mm 16″ 390mm 430mm 195mm 310mm 1″ 5p.s.i 13.90kg
450mm 18″ 448mm 495mm 250mm 410mm 1″ 5p.s.i 18.50kg

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

1.5" [ 40MM ] DRAIN TEST PLUG, 10" [ 250MM ] DRAIN TEST PLUG, 14" [ 350MM ] DRAIN TEST PLUG, 2.5" [ 65MM ] STEEL TEST PLUG, 2" [ 50mm ] DRAIN TEST PLUG, 3.5" [ 90MM ] DRAIN TEST PLUG, 3" [ 75MM ] DRAIN TEST PLUG, 4" [ 100MM ] DRAIN TEST PLUG, 6" [ 150MM ] DRAIN TEST PLUG, 9" [ 225MM ] DRAIN TEST PLUG


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